Hibernian Riders MC

Hibernian Riders MC

Hibernian Riders MCHibernian Riders MCHibernian Riders MC

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About Us

Our Club

Nationally recognized, we are the only approved motorcycle club primarily made up of members from the Ancient Order of Hibernians in NYS. Although we are not an entity of any local, state or National AOH board, we are men from multiple Divisions on Long Island in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties who share a passion about motorcycle riding and living life to its fullest.

One of our primary endeavors are Food Drives. "An Gorta Mor" is not only a major part of our Irish History, it is part of our patch and we take it seriously. No one should go hungry nowadays. We vigorously promote food drives and help where needed. 

Where We Ride

Holding weekly, monthly and annual events, we plan multiple trips every year. You are bound to be able to attend at least one. We travel all over Long Island, NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI, MA

 We plan a lot of destination runs, meet and greets, day and overnight trips, we look to do good for our community and its endeavors though Christian Charity. We can be seen participating in Toy Drives, Food Drives, Fundraisers, Funeral Escorts and multiple functions throughout the year. We support other MC groups with their charitable functions as well and have made many long lasting friendships through this. If you need us, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Eventually we look to expand the club off of LI and share it with other brethren throughout NYS. 

Ride Or Die

First of all, no one DIES! It's all about the RIDE. Being on the open rode with your friends and family riding your motorcycle. Don't have any confusion, we are not a 1% club nor do we have plans to be. Using Roberts Rules of Order, we are guided by our Constitution and Bylaws, where we adhere to Motorcycle Club titles and rules. We are an AMA recognized club who are always looking for more members to add and to make new friends throughout. If you or a friend are interested in riding with us, we encourage you to do so. We want you to join us. Feel free to reach out for more information.